3rd Annual Phoenix Day

Block Party Program

Sunday Streets SF and our partners are sponsoring over 50 block party permits on October 15th, 2023 so neighbors in every district of San Francisco can have fun in the streets and celebrate the 3rd Annual Phoenix Day.

The Phoenix Day Block Party program is specifically for residential block parties 1 block in length without restricted activities like generators and food sales.

We hope you’ll take advantage of the Sunday Streets Phoenix Day block party program to bring play and exercise to your streets with the whole San Francisco community on October 15th, 2023!

Get Started

Deadline to Apply:
August 31st, 2023, 11:59pm

*For your application to be accepted, you must first collect and submit a letter of support documenting that at least 60% of your neighbors have signed.

Application Process

  1. Designate a Block Captain.
    • Every block needs one Block Captain to be the point of contact for Livable City. The Block Captain must:
      • Be a resident of the block
      • Manage the application process
      • Assume responsibility for the block party adhering to all program guidelines
  2. Gather your signatures of support.
    • Gather signatures from at least 60% of the households on your block using the printable template above or requesting a digital version.
  3. Email your completed letter of support to Livable City.
    • When you have enough signatures, email them to phoenixday@livablecity.org using the following format for the subject line: BlockName CrossSt1-CrossSt2 FirstNameInititial LastName
  4. Complete the Block Party Application Form

Location Requirements

In order to qualify for a Sunday Streets Phoenix Day Block Party permit, your street must meet the SFMTA’s eligibility requirements. All final decision on eligibility for a given block will be determined by ISCOTT, however streets that meet the following requirements are generally eligible:

  • A one-block, residential street
  • Free of transit service, parking meters, and emergency services (i.e. Fire or Police Station, Hospitals)
  • No more than one lane of traffic in either direction
  • Has no or very few ground floor businesses, multi-car parking garages, social services sites like senior centers or libraries open the weekend, or places of worship

Outreach Requirements

To ensure a smooth and welcoming day for all, every block party will be required to do and document the following outreach to receive and/or maintain their permit:

  • Get 60% of the households on the block to sign the letter of support (required to complete the Block Party Application Form). A printable or digital template is available above.
  • Flyer every house and car on the block by the deadline listed above and document your outreach (i.e. photos of flyers on cars and houses).
      • IMPORTANT Must submit documentation of flyering by the deadline published above or your space will be forfeited.
  • Place a-frames barricades with no parking signs out once received and/or no later than the Friday before Phoenix Day, but can go out as soon as they are delivered on the Wednesday before Phoenix Day.
  • Flyer every house and car on the block sometime between Wednesday-Friday before Phoenix Day.