Sunday Streets SF

Excelsior Ciclovía

Sunday, July 21, 2024 | 11am-4pm

On Sunday, July 21st, 2024, celebrate Sunday Streets Excelsior, one of the open street destinations (Ciclovía) routes to walk or roll this season.

Taking place on Mission St between Theresa/Avalon St and Geneva Ave, neighbors and visitors alike are invited to the Excelsior to enjoy free recreation, health resources, music, dance and more!


Getting There

Livable City encourages biking, walking, or taking public transportation to get to Sunday Streets.

MUNI: For trip planning and other Muni-related info, go to Visit the week before the event for updated information on any MUNI lines that will be rerouted during the event. Bikes are allowed on front racks of buses. The Sunday Streets Excelsior route is served by the following MUNI lines:

  • 14, 49, 14R on Mission
  • 8, 43 (Shortened), 54 on Geneva
  • 44 on Silver (north of the route)
  • 52 on Mission and Excelsior
  • 29 on Persia and Mission
  • K, M Bus
  • J Church on San Jose (approximately ½ mile west of the route)

BART: Take BART to the Balboa Park or Glen Park BART stations. The Balboa Park station is about a 10 minute walk from the southern end of the Sunday Streets route, while the Glen Park station is about a 10 minute walk from the northern end of the route. 

BIKE: Get in the spirit for Sunday Streets by biking there! Visit: to download a bike map to help find a flat, bike-friendly route from your area or the nearest transit stop to Sunday Streets. Got a long way to go? Shorten the trip by taking transit part of the way. Muni buses have bike racks for 2 bikes, BART and Caltrain both allow bikes on board. For more information about bikes on BART, visit: Bikes on BART.

CAR: Should you choose to drive, be aware that the Sunday Streets route is towed of all vehicles beginning at 8am and no stopping or parking is allowed on the streets after that (even if you’re just stopping for a moment for a cup of coffee), and no vehicles are allowed to drive onto the route after 10:00am. Should you choose to drive, check out and to identify available parking lots and spaces nearby. Additionally, parking may be available at these locations near the route:



On July 21, 2024, the following streets will be towed vehicles beginning at 6am and no parking or stopping will be allowed after 8am:

  • Mission St from Theresa/Avalon St to Geneva Ave
  • Ocean Ave from Mission St to Persia Ave
  • Onondaga St between Mission and Alemany Blvd
  • Seneca St between Mission and Bertita St



Streets close to vehicle traffic starting at 10am, and remain closed to vehicle traffic until 4pm.

Vehicles will be able to access the Safeway parking lot via France St with assistance from City staff and Sunday Streets volunteers.

Vehicles are allowed to cross Mission St at Persia Ave.

If you need vehicle access to/from your home or place of business during this time, please contact us as early as possible. Email: or call 415-344-0489 to coordinate access.

Get Involved

Your Street. Your Day.

Sunday Streets is San Francisco’s open streets program that transforms miles of city streets into car-free community spaces for kids to play, seniors to stroll, businesses and organizations to connect, and neighbors to meet.