Volunteer Spotlight: Rigel Apolinar, Information Booth Rock Star!

Rigel (and Tayla) and Anne at Richmond Sunday Streets, 2013

Rigel (and Tayla) and Anne at Richmond Sunday Streets, 2013

Rigel has been volunteering since at least 2012. Although she’s held a variety of volunteer shifts during and before events, she’s most commonly seen at the Volunteer and Information booth, answering questions about Sunday Streets and encouraging people to sign up for the Sunday Streets newsletter and, of course, volunteer! Here’s what she has to say about volunteering with Sunday Streets:

My first experience as a Sunday Streets volunteer was a bit overwhelming, but fun. I was an intersection monitor. I didn’t realize how much work went into, but at the same time I had a blast meeting and greeting people that attended.

I think Sunday Streets has done a lot of positive outreach to each of the participating neighborhoods. I think people are finally getting to see what each neighborhood has to offer. It’s like bringing a neighborly piece of the suburbs into this city.

Some of my favorite moments at Sunday Streets are watching the bright smiles and laughter coming from people of all ages. Whether they are listening to a live band to riding a bike down a car free street it’s infectious and never gets old. Knowing that you can make that happen is never ending satisfaction for me.

Anything else? I think people don’t realize we are a almost 100% volunteer based event. I think if we put that out there more it would help bring in more volunteers.

You heard her, Sunday Streets wouldn’t be possible without the hundreds of volunteers who donate their time, energy and enthusiasm each year to making Sunday Streets fun and safe for everyone. Join the team: SundayStreetsSF.com/Volunteer!

Volunteer Movie Night September 4 – you pick the movie!

Vote for the movie of your choice:

Join us for the monthly volunteer movie night. We’ll enjoy a fun flick and good company, while preparing signs and other materials for the upcoming Sunday Streets in September. Have a movie suggestion? Email volunteer@livablecity.org.

What: Join us to watch a movie while doing some simple volunteer tasks, enjoying refreshments, and good company!
Where: Livable City Offices, 433 Natoma St
When: Thursday September 4, 6 pm to 8 pm
RSVP below, so we’ll be sure to have enough popcorn!

September Sunday Streets Volunteer Opportunities

Join us throughout the month as we get ready for two incredible Sunday Streets events in September!

Volunteer at Sunday Streets in the Excelsior 09/28/14

Visit http://www.sundaystreetssf.com/excelsior-92814/ for more information about the event.

Volunteer at Sunday Streets in the Western Addition 9/14/2014

Visit http://www.sundaystreetssf.com/western-addition-91414/ for more information about the event.

San Francisco State University Seeking Western Addition Residents for Survey!

Researchers seek residents of the Western Addition who participate in Sunday Streets to participate in a short walk & survey on Sunday September 7 and Sunday September 14.

Susan Zieff, Ph.D., a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at San Francisco State University, is conducting research to understand how Sunday Streets influences residents’ perceptions of neighborhood open space for recreation.

Participation in this study includes learning how to use a small computer (tablet), this takes about 10 minutes and then taking a walk in your neighborhood for approximately 30 minutes while recording what you see by talking into and taking photos on the tablet. Once the walk is completed, you will complete a short survey that will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Research participants will be scheduled for a 1-hour time frame on both days.

Research participants will receive a Sunday Streets t-shirt, a reusable bag, and coupons for participating in the study.

To sign up or learn more, email liza@livablecity.org by August 25.

Please share this invitation with any friends and neighbors you think may be interested.

We’re Turning 50! Support More Sunday Streets in San Francisco

Sunday Streets 50th

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

Our August 24th Mission Sunday Streets marks our 50th Sunday Streets event! Thank you for supporting this program since it began in 2008. Over the last six years, Sunday Streets has opened streets to walk, ride, skate, and roll in neighborhoods throughout the city. We have grown from a small two event project to a year-long festival that draws well over 100,000 people each year. In celebration of this milestone, we invite you to support the Sunday Streets program. We need your help to allow us to sustain and grow our program into the future. Please consider making a donation in a $50 increment in honor of this event.

Your contribution positively impacts Livable City and the Sunday Streets program in several ways. You enable Sunday Streets’ program staff to work year-round with city agencies, non-profits, businesses, and community volunteers to ensure a safe and lively event schedule for the whole family. Your gift helps us bring necessary services such as the traffic monitors and first aid to the route as well as active programming – dancers, music, yoga, art and more. With your contribution, you allow us to work toward a vision of regular Sunday Streets throughout San Francisco, connecting one end of this diverse and wonderful city to the other.

Thank you for your support throughout these last 50 events. Whether you can donate $50 or $5,000, you can ensure another 50 Sunday Streets and help create a more livable city. Support Sunday Streets today.

Online donation system by ClickandPledge


Join us for neighborhood outreach in the Mission!

Do you love Sunday Streets in the Missions? Do you live or work nearby? Then this is the job for you!

Outreach volunteers help us canvas the route before each event, inviting neighboring businesses and residents to participate in Sunday Streets and informing them of traffic and parking changes related to the event. This is critical to ensuring that Sunday Streets is not only great for everyone who comes to participate, but is also a good experience for people who live and work nearby.

Whether you can spare 20 minutes or 2 hours, every bit helps! Sign up for one of the days below, or email volunteer@livablecity.org with your availability.


Volunteer Spotlight: Welland Lau


Welland Lau and his collapsible bike are familiar sights at Sunday Streets events. He is one of Sunday Streets most dedicated volunteers and has worked as a route rabbit or volunteer captain at every event so far this season! We caught up with Welland to learn more about his experiences volunteering with Sunday Streets.
How did you first become involved as a Sunday Streets volunteer? 
Searching for something to do in the city, I checked out the Sunday Streets website for future events dates and saw that volunteers were needed. I felt that since I took took part in a couple of events that I would sign up to help out. Ever since that first event I volunteered in 2013 I have continuously volunteered at Sunday Streets.
What is your most memorable Sunday Streets experience?
It would have to be the first event that I volunteered for in 2013 at the Embarcadero as an intersection monitor. The intersection was slightly busy, but not too busy, great PCO (city traffic enforcement officer) to work with, perfect weather, good people watching vantage.
What is one tip you have for other Sunday Streets volunteers? 
Make sure to have fun!

Join the fun and all of the volunteers who make Sunday Streets a huge success! Sign up to volunteer at SundayStreetsSF.com/Volunteer.

Sunday Streets in the Richmond! (w. Interview with Joy Ravelli of Purusha Yoga)

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”
-popularly misattributed to Mark Twain.


July in San Francisco challenges the assumption of an eternally sunny California coast. As the Sunday Streets team unloaded equipment from our trucks at 9 AM, the steady wind ran through the tent, clouds overhead, giving the morning a cool breeze and gray pallet common to western San Francisco in the summertime. Our map board, made of snappable plastic, cracked and bent over in the morning wind, no match for nature.

Yet, by 11 AM, a large and diverse crowd, full of neighborhood families with children, filled Arguello Boulevard, recently opened for the day for people to reclaim without the danger of cars zooming by. For the first half of  the day, the Farmers Market on Clement Street drew crowds shopping for their weekly produce – as well as hungry Sunday Streets volunteers…

Of course, many residents found themselves walking over to Arguello from Clement to check out such unique and unexpected attractions as an elementary school rock band…





…and a child-centric series of ballet performances…


IMG_0813 IMG_2438



…but in spite of the relative cold, physical activities predominated on the street.





One highlight for me was Purusha Yoga, a community-minded yoga studio focused on promoting equitable access to yoga education, including free yoga programs in outdoor locations throughout San Francisco, such as Golden Gate Park, and a non-profit branch, the Purusha Seva Project, which works to bring yoga classes to at-risk communities in the Bay Area. I had the fortune of corresponding with Joy Ravelli, who helped shape Purusha Yoga into the neighborhood institution it currently is – in order to ask her some questions about the marriage of yoga and Sunday Streets.


PB: How did Purusha Yoga get its start?

JR: Purusha Yoga was a branch of my original business which was called health in motion. I added the yoga school first. I needed more yoga teachers for my fitness and multi modality health programs. We provide classes to corporations, colleges and businesses. I needed people that could teach all levels and demographics. I realized there was a lack of qualified teachers. Once I started the school I realized many of the grads wanted more opportunities for community and to teach under served and at risk populations.

PB: What makes Purusha Yoga different from other studios?

JR: The Purusha studio offers a community space. It serves the west side of the city. We have several places to hang out, have a cup of tea and meet up. Purusha serves a wide variety of every day people. We have classes that offer fitness, Zumba, gentle yoga, yoga dance, yin and vinyasa. We have classes for all ages and stages of life. We also offer Thai body work, and private yoga therapy.

PB: How did Purusha come to get involved with Sunday Streets?

JR: Our mission is to serve our community and introduce more people to yoga, movement and health. Sunday Streets is a perfect compliment to our other free classes like free yoga in Golden Gate Park weekly.We show up with more people and get the kids moving as well as adults.

PB: How did the Purusha Seva Project take shape?

JR: Well it is morphing still. I wanted to bring yoga health and movement to partner organizations such as schools, jails, shelters. I think the traditional yoga studio in America is lacking diversity in its population that it serves. I am excited to share yoga with someone who can really benefit from its profound yet simple practices.

PB: I’ve been hearing about your Yoga in the Park classes. Given your interest in teaching yoga in very public, accessible spaces, what do you think the importance of healthy, accessible public space is to activities and communities like yoga?

JR: I think it’s vital and extremely important. Our cities, families and greater community thrives when we can come together as healthy individuals and share some fun movement, music and nature.

PB: What are some of your favorite things about Sunday Streets?

JR: I love meeting friends I have not seen for a while. I love meeting new people outside in such a fun and engaging atmosphere. It is a fabulous atmosphere for expression through yoga dance and play.


Before I left Purusha, I got a few action shots of students and trainers moving through another Sunday afternoon round of sun salutations:


IMG_0805 IMG_0807



By the end of the afternoon, the clouds broke and the sun finally became visible over the intersection of Arguello and Clement. The Shan-Yee Poon Ballet School was finishing its last performance, a stunning, vividly costumed and staged street-side duet between a thin, nimble East Asian young boy and a pale, small, graceful little girl, running swift, delicate circles around each other, wowing the crowd. A half-hour later, the kids, and the crowd along with them, have vanished – and Arguello is back to its usual stream of traffic.

It might have taken the sun until 4 to come out, but that’s San Francisco weather for you. As for the Richmond, cold summers didn’t stand a chance against the allure of an open street to come play in.

IMG_2429    …just ask that kid.