Sunday Streets is a program of the nonprofit Livable City presented in partnership with the SFMTA, San Francisco Department of Public Health, and the City and County of San Francisco. Livable City is also home to SF Play Streets, a program that empowers San Francisco residents to transform their block into an accessible, car-free open space on a regular basis for children, seniors, and neighbors to enjoy.

Livable City produces an annual season of Sunday Street events that reclaim car-congested streets for community health, transforming them into car-free spaces for all to enjoy. Routes are 1-4 miles in length, with fun, free activities provided by local nonprofits, community groups and small businesses.

Sunday Streets’ mission is to:

  • Create temporary open space and recreational opportunities in neighborhoods most lacking
  • Encourage physical activity
  • Foster community-building
  • Inspire people to think differently about their streets as public spaces

Sunday Streets was inspired by Ciclovía in Bogotá, Colombia and championed in San Francisco by Mayor Gavin Newsom and the ShapeUp Coalition of San Francisco. Since starting the program in 2008 with two events along the waterfront, Livable City has grown Sunday Streets into one of North America’s premiere open street programs with 10 events annually held in diverse neighborhoods across San Francisco.

The magic is made possible by the entire Sunday Streets community, including 400+ volunteers, hundreds of local nonprofits and small businesses, dozens of sponsors and City agencies, and the residents of our host neighborhoods. From the bottom of our heart – thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Sunday Streets?

Check out the schedule of events here.

What if I need to access my home or business on the route during the event?

To create a safe car-free space, vehicle access on the route is limited. If at all possible, Sunday Streets asks you avoid any trips during the hours of 10:00am – 4:30pm that traverse the event’s footprint.

However, Sunday Streets understands that businesses and neighbors may need local access during the event. Please email SundayStreets@livablecity.org prior to the event to coordinate with the Sunday Streets team for a smooth experience.

In the event of an unexpected need for local access, there will be traffic enforcement officers at intersections where vehicle traffic is permitted to cross the route who can help you access business/residents as needed and is deemed safe. Volunteers will be on hand to help escort drivers to and from those intersections.

Thank you in advance for using caution should you need to drive on the Sunday Streets route during an event, as there will be many people of all ages enjoying the open streets. Please listen to instructions by all traffic enforcement officers and Sunday Streets volunteers.

Are there bathrooms along the route?

YES – Sunday Streets provides portable toilets along the route and there are public facilities on or near most of the routes. Please see the event pages for maps and info.

If I need to drive to the event, where can I park near the route?

Livable City strongly encourages biking, walking, or taking public transportation to get to Sunday Streets when possible. Should you need to drive, be aware that the Sunday Streets route is towed of all vehicles beginning at 8 a.m. on the day of the event (even if you’re just parking for a moment to buy a cup of coffee, you risk your car being towed).

Check out SFPark.org and parkme.com to identify available parking lots and spaces nearby. Please see the event pages for maps and info.

How can my organization, community group or small business table at Sunday Streets?

Sunday Streets would love for you to join the magic! Any organization, business, community group or individual hosting an activity or information booth at Sunday Streets should register as an exhibitor. Exhibitor spaces start at $35 and are free for organizations and businesses on the route. Click here for Exhibitor information.

Have an idea for a larger partnership? Send your project proposal at programs@livablecity.org!

Can I perform with my music or dance group?

Yes! Sunday Streets welcomes musicians and performers. Please apply here and take note that not all applications can be accepted due to limits on entertainment permits.

How is Sunday Streets funded?

It takes a village!

Livable City fundraises the majority of the costs needed to provide open streets for over 100,000 San Francisco residents. These funds come from a mix of individual donations, grants, public and private sponsorships, and Exhibitor Fees. These donations go directly toward Sunday Streets’ programming costs.

Sunday Streets would not be possible without a longtime partnership with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and the support of the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the City and County of San Francisco.  In 2017, Sunday Streets began partnering with San Francisco’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development to provide greater support to neighborhood businesses. In addition to direct financial support, city departments provide the in-kind equipment and city services needed to make Sunday Streets possible, including traffic control, SFPD staffing, street cleaning, bus rerouting, barricades, and marketing space.

Want to help Sunday Streets get to the finish line? Make a tax deductible donation to the program today!

How can I get Sunday Streets in my neighborhood?

Currently, Livable City produces Sunday Streets events in six neighborhoods across San Francisco. As Sunday Streets has grown since 2008, these neighborhoods were selected to provide the benefits of open streets where they are needed most – in neighborhoods with limited open space and recreational opportunities.

Although there are not current plans to produce Sunday Streets in additional neighborhoods, you can still be a part of creating more open streets in San Francisco and in your neighborhood, and Livable City would love to help you make that happen!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Contact your Supervisor and tell them you love Sunday Streets and ask them to support more Sunday Streets in San Francisco and more open streets in your neighborhood!

Our Staff

Tom Radulovich

Executive Director

Tom joined Livable City as Executive Director in June 2004. He has been an urban environmental activist since attending college at UC Berkeley, advocating for urban environmental restoration, better public transport, and the greening and revitalization of public streetscapes and open spaces. Tom also served on the BART Board of Directors from 1996-2016, helping pass policy and infrastructure projects that supports a more connected and sustainable Bay Area.

Katy Birnbaum

Associate Director

Katy joined the Sunday Streets team in 2015 and has taken her love of community organizing to the heart of the Sunday Streets program.  Katy leads the effort to ensure Sunday Streets is a true community resource for all participants whether they be neighborhood residents, local merchants, community organizations, city agencies or non-profits. Since graduating SFSU in 2010, Katy has used her communications skills to increase the reach and impact of various political and community groups in the Bay Area.

Jeff Jelsma

Partnerships Manager

Jeff joined Sunday Streets in August 2016. He has a wealth of event planning experience, having managed the day-to-day operations of multiple farmers’ markets in the Bay Area. He has worked extensively in the non-profit world and is passionate about social change and equality. He holds a B.S. from University of California, Berkeley in Conservation and Resource Studies, with a minor in Chemistry. Jeff can be found riding his bike around the city and enjoying seasonal produce at one of the many farmers’ markets in the Bay Area. He has a strong passion for preserving open space and getting out in nature. His favorite park in San Francisco is Fort Funston because his dog loves it.

Jean-Paul Torres

HR and Office Manager

Jean-Paul joined Sunday Streets in February 2017 as the Outreach and Communications Coordinator. Growing up in the Bay Area and in Reno, Nevada, he cultivated an interest in cities, urban spaces and transportation systems. His experience navigating institutions as a child of first generation immigrants helped him realize the importance of making biking and urban planning more accessible for people from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. His outreach experience includes volunteering with Bike East Bay, the Reno Bike Project, the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County in Reno, and most recently working with Bay Area Bike Share on their regional expansion. His favorite park in San Francisco is Bernal Heights Park for the sweeping views of the Mission District and the Bay Area.

Marynoel Strope

Communications Manager

Marynoel joined Livable City in December 2017. A San Francisco native, Marynoel grew up in the Excelsior district and brings experience in nonprofit communications and outreach, community journalism and housing justice to her work. As an avid pedestrian and transit rider, she’s especially interested in the intersection of land use, transportation, urban planning and equity in San Francisco. Mary can be found thrift shopping, traversing the Mission and walking her dogs, Meatball and Elsa. Her favorite park is Glen Canyon, for its transportative feeling.

Jocelyn Lainez

Programming Coordinator

Jocelyn joined Livable City in 2016 as an Event Ambassador. Raised in San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley, Jocelyn grew up proudly Latina. Being very family-oriented, she understands what brings people together in her community. Jocelyn was immediately drawn to Sunday Streets’ mission as it aligns with her personal values. Through the nonprofit, she has learned and developed new skills and gained a better understanding of her community needs and the importance of bringing her culture to her work. Today, she embodies her culture and brings her boss-up attitude, passion, honesty, and joy to her work at Sunday Streets. Her favorite open space is John Mclaren Park because it’s filled with diversity and was built for the community.

Angelica Tumandao 

Volunteer Administration Coordinator

Angelica joined Livable City in 2018 as a Volunteer Administration Intern. Born and raised in the Philippines, Angelica grew up valuing communal unity and seeks to find it in San Francisco. She was drawn to Sunday Streets to help the growing nonprofit reach its goal to provide open space for communal unity in San Francisco. Her favorite open space in San Francisco is Sigmund Stern Recreation Grove since it radiates a relaxing aura, despite being inside the city.