Once a month, Sunday Streets helps San Franciscans experience their streets from a whole new perspective. Throughout the year, Sunday Streets serves more than 300,000 people, providing safe open space for them to get out and engage in healthy activities, as well as explore new neighborhoods. Each Sunday Streets is a joyful community event, but it’s also so much more, it is an investment in improving San Franciscans’ health, building community, and fostering economic vitality in neighborhoods that need it.

Our streets don’t have to be places just for automobiles–in fact, a century ago, streets where places where people came together for community, commerce and recreation. Sunday Streets reclaims our streets as public space that is safe, welcoming, and a truly shared for everyone to enjoy. These “open streets” provide San Franciscans with the chance to learn to safely ride a bike, promotes walking, biking, and transit as primary commuting alternatives, and transforms our streets into healthy, safe place to exercise engage with the community.

Sunday Streets is part of a broader movement. It helps realize:

      • Vision Zero, the City’s goal to end all traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2024, by making our streets safer for all users.
      • The Mayor’s Pedestrian Strategy, which highlights Sunday Streets as a core strategy for improving walking and walkability.
      • The SFMTA Bicycle Strategy to make bicycling a part of everyday life.
      • San Francisco’s transit-first policy to encourage public transit, walking, and biking.

We support Sunday Streets and want to see it grow into a permanent institution. This should not be a special event, but just the way streets are on Sundays.