Click the image above to view a map of the Sunset route

Click the image above to view a map of the Sunset route

About Sunday Streets Great Highway

This scenic Sunday Streets travels along the Great Highway from Sloat to Lincoln, along JFK and MLK Drives through Golden Gate Park. From Lindy in the Park, to the Skatin Place, to Ocean Beach, there is something for everyone along this route!

Attend a Community Meeting

Join us at an upcoming community meeting to share any last concerns or ideas you have for the Sunset Sunday Streets on June 14, 2015. Community input is essential and appreciated as we work together to make this year’s Sunday Streets the best yet!

Wednesday 6/3, 6:30-7:30 at the Ortega Library 3223 Ortega St, San Francisco, CA 94122 Please RSVP here. Interested but can’t attend? Email to share your comments or for more information.

Activities and more

The deadline to host an activity at the Great Highway Sunday Streets is May 22, 2015. For more information about hosting an activity, click here. Please check back for a complete list of activities.

How to participate


Each Sunday Streets is made possible with the support and dedication of dozens of volunteers. From event prep and neighborhood outreach to staffing the event, there’s something for everyone. Click the links below to sign up for any of these opportunities:

For more information about volunteering, visit the volunteer page on this website or email Joelle at

Host an Activity

The deadline to host an activity at the Great Highway Sunday Streets is May 22, 2015. For more information about hosting an activity, click here.

Getting there

We strongly encourage biking, walking, or taking public transportation to get to Sunday Streets when possible.

MUNI:  For trip planning and other Muni-related info, go to Bikes are allowed on front racks of buses. The Golden Gate Park and Great Highway route may be reached by the following MUNI lines:

  • L Taraval from Downtown BART to 46th Ave and Taraval
  • N Judah: from Downtown BART to Judah and Lower Great Highway
  • 5 Fulton travels along Fulton to La Playa (north of route)
  • 31 Balboa travels along Balboa to La Playa and Cabrillo (north of route)
  • 44 crosses Golden Gate Park via the Concourse/JFK (east of route start)
  • 71 Haight/Noriega to Lower Great Highway
  • 28 crosses Golden Gate Park from 19th Ave to 25th Ave via Crossover
  • 29 Sunset crosses Golden Gate Park via Crossover to 25th

Visit the week before the event for updated information on any MUNI lines that will be rerouted during the event. The following MUNI lines will be re-routed from their normal route during Sunday Streets:

  • 18 rerouted at 46th and Lincoln to Crossover to 25th to Fulton and La Playa
  • 23 Sloat/Great Highway stop moved to Sloat and 47th Ave

BART: Although the nearest BART station is several miles from the Sunday Streets route, combining BART with a bike ride or BART and MUNI can be a great way to get to Sunday Streets from the East Bay. For trip planning, go to For more information about bikes on BART, go to

  • Without a bike, take BART to Downtown BART Stations (Embarcadero, Montgomery, Powell, Civic Center) and transfer to the L Taraval to Ocean Beach or N Judah to Ocean Beach.

  • With a bike: the Civic Center BART Station is the closest station to Golden Gate Park. Bike to the Panhandle and then enjoy car-free streets from JFK Dr to the start of Sunday Streets in Golden Gate Park.

  • From Glen Park BART: Take Muni 23-Monterey to Sloat Blvd and Great Highway

  • From Daly City BART: Take Muni 28 to Lincoln and 19th, then bike or walk to the start of the Sunday Streets route in Golden Gate Park

Bike: Get in the spirit for Sunday Streets by biking there! Many crosstown bike routes connect with Sunday Streets and the Sunday car-free streets on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park. Go to: to download a bike map to help find a flat, bike-friendly route from your area or the nearest transit stop to Sunday Streets. Got a long way to go? Shorten the trip by taking transit part of the way. Muni buses have bike racks for 2 bikes, BART and Caltrain both allow bikes on board.

By Car: Should you chose to drive, be aware that there is no parking on the Great Highway or on the Sunday Streets route in Golden Gate Park on the day of the event. Check out and to identify available parking lots and spaces nearby. Additionally, parking may be available at these locations near the route:

  • Ocean Beach lot on Great Highway between Lincoln and Fulton, accessible only from Fulton
  • A smaller lot is located south of Sloat on the Great Highway
  • On-street parking may be found along Lower Great Highway

Detour and Parking Information

The Sunday Streets route includes the Great Highway between Sloat Blvd and Lincoln Way, Lincoln Way to MLK Drive, MLK drive to Bernice Rodgers Way, Bernice Rodgers Way to JFK Dr, and JFK Dr between Bernice Rodgers Way and Transverse Dr, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The following streets will be closed to vehicles beginning at 6am to ensure there are no cars on the street before Sunday Streets begins:

  • JFK Dr between Transverse Dr and Bernice Rodgers Way
  • Bernice Rodgers Way between JFK DR and MLK Dr
  • MLK Dr between Lincoln Way and Bernice Rodgers Way

The following streets will be closed at 10:30am to ensure there are no cars on the street when Sunday Streets begins:

  • Great Highway between JFK Drive and Sloat Blvd

Recommended detours:

  • North/South bound traffic should use Crossover Dr via 19th Ave or 25th/Park Presidio, Transverse Dr, or Chain of Lakes to cross the park.
  • Southbound traffic on the Great Highway may take Lincoln Way to other southbound streets, or Fulton to Crossover Dr and continue south on 19th Ave;
  • Northbound traffic on the Great Highway should take Sloat to 19th Ave, cross the park using Crossover Dr and continue north.
  • Chain of Lakes Dr will also be open for vehicle traffic to cross the park during Sunday Streets, however it has limited capacity and will likely be backed up.

For questions about access and detours, or if you need to coordinate local access to/from your place of business or a location in the park during Sunday Streets, please contact us as early as possible (call 415-344-0489 x 2 or email