Event Day Volunteering

How To Volunteer On Event Day

Thank you for your interest in volunteering on Sunday Streets Phoenix Day on October 17th, 2021! Your generosity of time and energy will bring the Sunday Streets program to thousands of San Franciscans this fall. Plus, you’ll be part of a historic day for San Francisco and the Sunday Streets program!

To volunteer on Sunday Streets Phoenix Day, please:

1. Read through the Volunteer Roles and Shifts listed below.
2. Complete the Sunday Streets Phoenix Day Volunteer Interest Form.
3. Complete a volunteer training (see schedule below)
5. Register for your final event-day volunteer shift.

Volunteer Training Schedule

Route Rabbit, Mystery Shift, & Setup/Breakdown Volunteers will receive a video training in early October and a quiz to complete before registering for their event-day shift.

Volunteer Group Captains will need to complete a virtual training via zoom before event-day and ensure the volunteers receive their training. Email [email protected] for information on group opportunities.

Community Bike Ride Volunteers will have to attend an onsite training on October 10th starting at 10am and will need to be bring their own bike.

Event-Day Volunteer Roles & Shift Times

Route Rabbit Set-up

Help set up the route by moving barricades into place before Sunday Streets Phoenix Day begins. 🚲 **Your own bicycle is required.**

Shift: 9am-12:30pm

Route Rabbit Roaming

Check on barricade placement during Sunday Streets Phoenix Day. 🚲 **Your own bicycle is required.**


    • 11:30am-3pm
    • 2pm-5:30pm

Route Rabbit Breakdown

Help move barricades at the end of Sunday Streets Phoenix Day. 🚲 **Your own bicycle is required.**

Shift: 3:30pm-7pm

There is a volunteer shift for everyone! Make your volunteer experience even more exciting by signing up for a mystery shift based on your capacities. Shift time and neighborhood will be confirmed in advance of event day and volunteer assignments will be given onsite.

Mystery Shift – Physical

This shift is suited for individuals who are able to stand and walk for at least 3.5 hours and lift at least 25 lbs.


    • 11am-2:30pm
    • 2pm-5:30pm

Mystery Shift – Accessible

This shift is suited for individuals who need to stay seated.


    • 11am-2:30pm
    • 2pm-5:30pm


Assist staff with moving equipment, setting up tables, chairs, and signage, monitoring inventory, and collecting abandoned equipment.


    • 8:30am-12pm
    • 9:30am-1pm


Assist staff with moving equipment, breaking down tables, chairs, and signage, monitoring inventory, and collecting abandoned equipment.


    • 3pm-6:30pm
    • 5pm-8:30pm
Event-Day Volunteer Roles

We’re seeking volunteers to help keep our community bike ride safe during an epic 20+ mile urban ride through San Francisco.

Bike ride volunteers must:

  • Sign-up for the full ride (from 11:30am – 5:30pm)
  • Attend a field training on Sunday, October 10th at 10am
  • Be able to bring their own bike for the training and event-day ride

Bike ride volunteers should be strong urban riders with an ability to ride 20+ miles. Experience helping with community bike rides is a plus.


Will act as the advance team to help the ride turn at critical turns, coordinate stops, and assist with communication across the volunteer team. 


Work closely with the lead and sweep team to hold intersections while the bike ride crosses. Should be VERY comfortable riding in vehicle traffic and have the ability to carry a stop sign.

Sweepers & Techs

Ride at the end of the group to ensure no riders or left behind; assist riders taking breaks and/or making repairs.