Exhibitor Portal

Due to the constraints of COVID-19, Sunday Streets is not hosting an exhibitor or vendor program this year.

If you are a neighborhood-based organization with essential social services to offer, we may be able to facilitate a space for you to distribute your materials at a pop-up or partner event. To be considered, please email [email protected] with a detailed description of your safety protocols and the resources you intend to share.

Due to the constraints of COVID-19, Sunday Streets has limited exhibitor space and cannot accommodate campaign tablers.

The only electoral activities that will be allowed onsite are:

  • Voter Registration and/or education activities from non-partisan groups
    • Activities cannot be affiliated with a campaign even if only providing voter information
  • Candidates running for office walking through the footprint themselves
    • Candidates cannot hold political rallies or kickoffs
    • Candidates cannot violate social distancing protocols or encourage congregating
    • Campaign workers or volunteers are not allowed to walk the route without their candidate and will be asked to leave immediately