Where did the idea for Sunday Streets come from?

Sunday Streets originated in Bogotá, Colombia as “Ciclovía,” a day of free, healthy activities that promote community in public streets. Thirty years later, the concept has spread around the world from Tokyo, Japan to Kiev, Ukraine. And it has now been in San Francisco since 2008!

What is the history of Ciclovía?

“Is it a park? Is it a walk? It’s much more than that. It’s an exercise in social integration.” – Gil Peñalosa, Former Parks Director of Bogotá, Colombia

Ciclovía, literally “bike path” in Spanish, is a ground-breaking weekly event that started in Bogotá, Colombia that draws more than 1.5 million people to walk, bike, skate and enjoy more than 70 miles of streets opened to people – and closed to automobile traffic.

“A quality city is not one that has great roads but one where a child can safely go anywhere on a bicycle.” - Enrique Peñalosa, Former Mayor of Bogotá, Colombia

Founded in 1976, Ciclovía started small and grew in the 90?s under Mayor Enrique Peñalosa and his brother, Gil Peñalosa, who was the Parks Director. The route was extended to 50 miles in 1997 and non-cycling programming was added. Now Ciclovía covers 70% of 20 different neighborhoods, with four loops through the city, enticing people to walk, skate, or cycle to other neighborhoods, visit friends and take their children to different parks to play.

This type of event, now adopted by a variety of cities worldwide, including San Francisco, are now called Open Streets.

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