How Your Business Can Make the Most of Sunday Streets

Merchants directly on the route:

  • Display merchandise on a small table to draw people in.*
  • Make a colorful sign or other eye-catching display in front of store with promotions and message to participants to visit your shop.
  • Hand out coupons to passers by with special Sunday Streets deals.
  • Work with Sunday Streets staff to enliven the front of your store with activities, music, performances (amplified sound is not always possible due to noise concerns).**

Nearby merchants:

  • Coordinate with merchant association to create materials with local business maps/directory to distribute and make into posters to put up on the route.
  • Post signs or posters to direct Sunday Streets participants to your business – Feature discounts or coupons.
  • Sunday Streets bingo cards or other game involving visiting businesses nearby or on the route featuring local shops, cafes and community features.
  • Offer free delivery for larger items purchased on Sunday Streets days.

San Francisco Permit Regulations

  • Businesses located on Sunday Streets routes may use the parking lane in front of store for displays, sidewalk and travel lanes may not obstructed.
  • All displays must be easily moved out of the way in case of emergency.
  • Vehicles are reintroduced to the streets at 4 p.m., all displays must be broken down and moved inside at 3:30.
  • All sales must occur inside.

* Any activity involving amplified music must be approved in advance and included on Sunday Streets sound permit, please contact for more details

Photo of San Bruno Mountain Watch Booth


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